Dr. Anneke B. Mulder-Bakker

Anneke Mulder taught Medieval History and Medieval Studies at the University of Groningen and was intermittently exchange professor and research professor in the US. She published widely in the field of Gender Studies and Medieval Culture, including books like The Prime of their Lives: Wise, Old Women in Pre-industrial Europe (2004); Lives of the Anchoresses: The Rise of the Urban Recluse in Medieval Europe (2005); and Women and Experience in Later Medieval Writing: Reading the Book of Life (2009). In her lecture she will talk about the position of wise women in the Middle ages and in these days.

Dr. Adriana Fishta-Beijko

Associate Professor of Education at Ambrose University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Dr. Fishta-Beijko does research in teaching non-native speakers of English through increasing motivation and using brain-based research. She lectures about equity and equality in education, multicultural education, instructional material for intentional and well structured teaching in second language acquisition, student motivation and mentoring.

Jelle-Jan Bruinsma

Jelle-Jan's background is in media, private equity and venture capital. Before joining YouTube he worked for a well known Dutch venture capital firm. In his current role he is responsible for the roll out of YouTube's content partnership programme for the Benelux and Nordic regions. His presentation will be about Scaling and Socialising a classroom through Technology.