The Conference Centre

The Regional Community College of Amsterdam (ROCvA) will be the Europe Regional Conference venue. The ROCvA is a foundation under Dutch law, initiated by the local and national government in 1997. Like community colleges in other countries the focus is on vocational education and training for students from the age of 12 and adults in the region.

All the rooms in this unique building are well equipped with the necessary facilities (AV, Wi-Fi etc.) for the regional conference. The canteen serves great meals. The staff look forward to making this conference an unforgettable one.

How to get there

Both the Conference Centre and the Conference Hotel are ideally located next to Sloterdijk Station, one of the main train stations of Amsterdam.
The Conference Centre, ROCvA, can be reached in a short walk approximately five minutes through a nice little park. The convenient Holiday Inn Express is opposite the station.